Here is the current price list for individual diapers, as well as packages. Prices are quoted in both Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and USD.

All-In-One (AIO)
Diaper Size PUL Inner Price (RM)/(USD)
Small (5-10kg) Print Sherpa 69.90/$22
Organic Bamboo Velour 71.90/$23
Microchamois 68.90/$21.50
Solid (Plain) Sherpa 57.00/$18
Organic Bamboo Velour 59.50/$19
Microchamois 56.00/$17.50
Medium (8 – 13kg) Print Sherpa 79.00/$25
Organic Bamboo Velour 81.00/$26
Microchamois 78.00/$24.50
Solid (Plain) Sherpa 71.00/$22.30
Organic Bamboo Velour 72.00/$22.50
Microchamois 70.00/$22
Large (10-18kg) Print Sherpa 94.00/$29.50
Organic Bamboo Velour 96.00/$30
Microchamois 93.00/$29
Solid (Plain) Sherpa 84.00/$26.50
Organic Bamboo Velour 85.00/$27
Microchamois 83.00/$26
X-Large (17+kg)
Print Sherpa 114.00/$35.60
Organic Bamboo Velour 116.00/$36.50
Microchamois 113.00/$35
Solid (Plain) Sherpa 104.00/$32.50
Organic Bamboo Velour 105.00/$33
Microchamois 103.00/$32
Diaper Size Inner Price (RM)/USD
Small (5-10kg) Sherpa 65.00/$20
Organic Bamboo Velour 66.00/$21
Organic Bamboo Fleece 67.00/$22
Medium (8 – 13kg) Sherpa 75.00/$23
Organic Bamboo Velour 76.00/$24
Organic Bamboo Fleece 77.00/$25
Large  (10-18kg) Sherpa 85.00/$27
Organic Bamboo Velour 86.00/$28
Organic Bamboo Fleece 87.00/29
X-Large (17+kg) Sherpa 95.00/$30
Organic Bamboo Velour 96.00/$31
Organic Bamboo Fleece 97.00/$32
AIO Packages
Economy Set (4 diapers)
Solid (Plain) PUL colours. Your choice of colours and inner layers
Small RM220/$69
Medium RM276/$86
Large RM328/$103
X-Large RM408/$128
Natural Set (Sherpa or Bamboo Velour) (4 diapers)
Prints Solid Combi (2 each)
Small RM272/$85 RM224/$70 RM248/$78
Medium RM312/$98 RM280/$88 RM296/$93
Large RM372/$116 RM332/$104 RM352/$110
X-Large RM452/$141 RM412/$129 RM432/$135
Microchamois Set (4 diapers)
Prints Solid Combi (2 each)
Small RM268/$84 RM220/$69 RM244/$76
Medium RM308/$96 RM276/$86 RM292/$91
Large RM368/$115 RM328/$103 RM348/$109
X-Large RM448/$140 RM408/$128 RM428/$134
Borong’ Set (10 diapers)
Consists of 8 printed and 2 solid PULs. Your choice of inner layer
Small RM620/$194
Medium RM728/$228
Large RM874/$273
X-Large RM1074/$336
Fitted Packages
Set of 4
Small RM256/$80
Medium RM296/$93
Large RM336/$105
X-Large RM376/$118


Inner                       Small Medium                     Large X-Large


1. Print Outer       RM67.60/$21.50 RM82.60/$26       RM97.10/$30.50 RM107/$33.50

2. Solid  Outer     RM65.60/$20.50 RM75.50/$24       RM87.10/$27.50 RM98/$30.50

Bamboo Velour

1. Print                  RM72/$22.50 RM83/$27               RM97.80/$31.50 RM110/$34.50

2. Solid                  RM66/$21.50 RM76.50/$25         RM89/$28.50 RM104/$32.50


2 Responses to “Price List”

  1. mummy_yen Says:

    Hi Syirin, like u said, one more wont break the bank. I am looking for a CD can be use for night time. What kind of inserts would you recommend? Me still new in the CD world. 😀 and what is better? AIO or fitted? I have only use pocket diapers on my girl. SO dont know the differences.


    1. keenoncloth Says:

      Hi Yen… hehe… thanks for dropping by, I have replied to your yahoo email. Please have a look and let me know ya! 🙂

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