I have loads of delicious, fabulous outer prints in stock!!! Check out more colours at AIO’s Outer Cover Please email me at keenoncloth@gmail.com if you are interested to get some cloth diaper goodies for your baby or as a shower gift for friends, family! Feel free also to ask me anything about the pattern, fabrics, price, and I will be happy to answer your queries! Thanks for visiting!

Blue Ooga

Green Ooga

Retro Ooga

Landing Zone

Blue Retro Cars

Pink Retro Cars

Gumball Giraffes

Spanish Red

Yellow Citrus


Thanks all for your support (you know who you are!!), and tomorrow I fly back to Malaysia for our 2-week holiday carrying these finished cloth diapers for your beautiful babies!!

I have just added the price list at the page link (on the right hand side column). If you have any queries please email me at keenoncloth@gmail.com  I will try to answer whenever I can as I will be on holiday and therefore on a tight schedule back home, so thanking you in advance for your patience!

Ok so I have been a little quiet lately, obviously because of the World Cup (sad it is coming to an end :() but also I am currently sewing a big number of orders, so those of you who ordered, rest assured the diapers are being made, hopefully in time for my holidays back in beautiful Malaysia! For those who are keen to try cloth diapers, I will be closed for orders till August as I am taking a two-week break from next week! But I will re-open in August, plus with new PUL prints in stock too!! hurrah!!

My family came over for a visit… and we went to several places of interest 😉 thus all orders were put on the backburner. So today they took the flight home and I will be back on the grind after I have settled everything down….

As I have had numerous requests about seeing my stuff ‘online’, I created this blog as something temporary while I search for the creative folks who could design a website according to my preferences. So earlier this month, I finally put my foot down, and went for it, paid the fee, and I should be having a proper (woohoo!), good-lookin’ and better organised website pretty soon! So keep yourselves posted, as I will be announcing the opening on this blog. In the meantime, you’ll have to bear with this one….. 😉

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to NADIAH for posting about the blog in her FB, so touched by your support, muchas gracias babe!

I confess, I am a certified sports/games addict, I follow tennis, F1, football (soccer), you name it… and sports channels are a MUST in our home. So in conjunction with summer sports mania, and since June is also my birth month 😉 , I am offering a 10% discount on diaper orders placed in this month. So, what are you waiting for? The offer lasts all month long! Drop me a line or email me and I will contact you as soon as I try to peel myself away from the telly 😉

Okay folks, what I have done here is create pages of what I am offering right now. So, please see the page titles above or at the right side and you may see whatever relevant information is right there! Or you could always email me for more details! Also please email me for the cost! Happy viewing!

~ A friend pointed out my pics were too small and took a long time to load, so I have adjusted them accordingly, and here they are, hoping you don’t have to wait too long now!!! 

~ If you find anything that strikes your fancy, you could either leave me your contact in the comments section and I’ll get back to you or email me at keenoncloth@gmail.com