Sunshine Yellow (NEW!)

PUL stands for ‘Polyurethane Laminated’. The fabric is polyester and had undergone lamination in order to make it waterproof. The lamination is designed to withstand being washed and dried on high temperature apart from multiple washes. Choose either prints or solids (plain) to brighten up your baby’s bottom!! Just click on the words ‘solid’ or ‘prints’ to view what’s in stock!


Lil Aliens (NEW!)

Lotsa Butterflies (NEW!)

Dairy Cows (NEW!)

Spanish Red (NEW!)

Aqua/Teal Ooga Booga (NEW!)

Gumball Giraffes (NEW!)

Retro Ooga Booga (NEW!)

Blue Ooga Booga (NEW!)

Green Ooga Booga (NEW!)

Blue Retro Cars (NEW!)

Pink Retro Cars (NEW!)

love notes

bedtime monkeys


Red/ Green Ooga Booga also known as Xmas Ooga (limited yardage)

Yellow Ooga Booga (limited yardage)

Wise Owls (out of stock!)


candy pink (limited yardage)

Saturn Blue (limited yardage)



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