AIO – is short for All-in-One. It is a ready to use waterproof diaper, with the absorbent material sewn in for a quick and easy usage. It is just like a disposable except that you wash and reuse it. This is the easiest diaper to understand, and enables the transition to cloth diaper from disposables for most parents. Choice of covers are found in Diaper Cover (PUL). Choice of inner is found here

AIO (with hidden soaker)

AI2 – short for All-in-Twos, so called as it has two components, the diaper body and soaker. It is just like an AIO except that the soaker is not sewn to the diaper inner, rather it is attached to the inner with snaps.  Choice of covers are found in Diaper Cover (PUL). Choice of inner is found here

AI2 (with attachable soaker)

Fitteds diaper is similar to the All-in-One except that it is not waterproof, so you will need to wear this with a diaper cover. Since fitted only uses natural materials, it is also gentle on your baby’s bum. You can choose prints made from cotton knits while the inner layer may either be from cotton sherpa or bamboo fleece found here.

Fitteds (either hidden or attachable soaker)

Trainers For potty trainers! Designed with the elimination communication family in mind. Trim like undies but easily worn on and off, great for easing communication between you and your child. Trainers are not designed to hold urine as long as cloth diapers, and so must be changed after one pee/poop. You can either choose for a waterproof or cotton fabric for your outer cover. Choice of covers are found in Diaper Cover (PUL). Choice of inner is found here

Training Pants

The diapers and trainers are trim and have a narrow crotch for a good fit on the baby. There are elastics gathering at both front and back of the waist, while gathering on the legs will contain baby’s mess. For more info please click on the page‘About Keen on Cloth’


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