You can choose what you want to line your diaper (AIO, AI2, fitteds, trainers) with. My usual line of fabrics are sherpa, bamboo velour and microchamois. Descriptions are found at the pictures. Occasionally I may offer other types of materials such as bamboo fleece, or bamboo terry but available on a limited basis. You are welcome to enquire what materials I have at present.

Sherpa - A natural fabric made from cotton. Soft and fleecy-like texture. Great for babies with sensitive skin

Microchamois is a type of micro-fleece with a softer, smoother surface that practically will not pill.

Bamboo velour - Best for baby who are sensitive to synthetics (poly). It is soft and has a smooth, velvety feel.

For my line of fitteds and trainers, you can opt for these cotton knits/interlock fabric. These cotton fabrics are popular as they are soft and come in a variety of colours and cute prints. Click on ‘cotton’ above to view what’s in store!

Gumball Giraffes

Aqua/Teal Ooga Booga

Autumn Giraffes

Baby Ballerina

VW Beetle Blue

VW Beetle Pink

Pink Giraffes

Landing Zone


2 Responses to “Diaper Inner and Knits”

  1. Liza Says:

    with my third baby, cloth diapering was a choice i made because i wanted to be eco-friendly. but with my fourth baby…i didnt even have the option to use disposables. she has really bad eczema & sensitive to ‘everything’. the only thing i could put on her were your bamboo velour diapers. the only way to keep her eczema under control is to wears only organic cotton clothes & your natural bamboo diapers..which i absolutely love:))

    1. keenoncloth Says:

      Thanks so much for believing in me, and for the enthusiastic support when I first started out!

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