I am a stay at home mum to 2 wonderful kids, until recently I have been working full-time in the field of international development, funding community-based projects that will enhance their resilience to natural disasters, as well as uplift their economic status and ensuring these projects incorporate a gender perspective.

Now, blessed with an opportunity to stay at home and raising my children, I turn to sewing, chiefly as a hobby. I started out making cloth diapers for my second child, and I love it so much that I decided to start my own business tailor-making them! I have recently acquired a licence to sell Little Comet Tail’s diapers, and so here I am, and this blog is about my business, Keen on Cloth, and the kinds of diapers I sew! Currently I am based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, however I am also able to sew orders for customers in Malaysia.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Evelyn Says:


    Just out of interest, were are you based, as im in Phnom Penh and saw your email via parents network and am thinking about ordering and if i do order how long will it take to get here.

    1. keenoncloth Says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Yes I am also based in Phnom Penh 🙂 It depends on how many pieces you are ordering as I need time to piece them together and sew, normally I give it a timeline between 2 to 4 weeks, just to be safe. But if I have no other pressing commitments it can also be earlier, but I will keep you informed at every step of the way! Which ones are you looking at? Let me know k!

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