Well…. after 2 years, a new baby, and countless of home sewn diapers later, we are uprooting ourselves and moving back to Malaysia at the end of February. It is a bittersweet feeling, on one hand I am looking forward to living in familiar territory (the land of my birth) but on the other hand, Cambodia has also endeared herself to us in so many ways. For instance having to deal with my son’s pre-school adventures (and trauma!) and sharing experience with expat and local parents alike has enriched my outlook on things. But enough of melancholic nostalgia, on the business side, my fabrics, PUL, sewing machine and notions are now nicely packed in boxes ready to be shipped out in 2 weeks time. And so for the time being I will not be taking any orders in this transition period and upon settling down nicely back home I will announce the re-opening of my business right here, so stay tuned!!!

Aw’kun Cambodia, you will always hold a special place in my heart… :*(